Sunday, July 21, 2013

Websites of the Week - Programming special

Hello all, Programmers of the World , this edition is dedicated to all the programming junta of the world , who  slog out day in and day out, churning out thousands of lines of code with caffeine and pizzas as inputs . This is in memory of Douglas Angelbart, the internet pioneer and the inventor of mouse , who propelled all these graphics we see today on our little screens.He has given this demo video called as Mother of all demos which demonstrates the mouse, file processing and some other intricate details of Computer processing,this demo was given in 1968.

There is a professional holiday called  'Programmers day' in Russia and is celebrated on 256th day of the year.

We see some awesome website and want to know what all technologies are used in building that, Go to  and check out all the intrinsic backend details of a popular website.

Sometimes you might be annoyed when the hand palm brushes the touchpad and it changes the position of cursor in the document/programming editor . Use this utility called touchfreeze and it freezes the touchpad whenever your are typing.

Do you wish to know what all popular opensource projects are going on round the planet , checkout this  ohloh website.This a network  website for all open source programmers out there.

Its not that software is only opensource now, Raspberry pi  is the opensource hardware and they are some very good implementations of it.

At last, Browse the complete internet history at this website.

Bonus: Dear Tennis followers like me, you can get a Federer autograph like this.Looking for someone in swiss,who can help :)

Quora thread of the week :
In layman's terms, what are the major programming languages, and what are they used for? (Love the first answer).

Android App of the Week: There have been some rave reviews about this hacking tutorial app on Google play store. Checkout if interested.

Cheerio.. Bye Folks..

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