Sunday, June 9, 2013

Websites of the Week - June 9

Welcome Back !!!

It was really a long time and hope everyone is good.And everyone is fit.
If you are not, and are having some time crunch to be fit, go ahead to this site and be fit with 7 min per day.

Everyone knows about the Great Nobel prizes given to persons for their extra ordinary contribution to Mankind . Well, there are some people who have also have done some extraordinary breakthrough work , but alas might not be helpful . But , they are given ignobel awards for their brilliant work. 
Hop on to this wiki page of Ignobel awards for some of the astounding works you cannot even imagine have done.As per their website, these are some of the things which first make people laugh , but then make them think.

Have you any time regretted that you missed a wonderful course during your collegehood  or did you ever want to delve into a subject and learn all about it.There are numerous websites which gives you access to free courses and there is now no excuse for not pursuing those aspirations. This website NoExcuselist helps you learn something you wanted to learn.It is a directory for all the free education resources on the internet.
And just be noted, the next arena that will be revolutionized by digital presence is Education. 

Ok , enough of knowledge gathering and education, lets go some travelling. This website gives you the list of some abandoned wonderful places in the world. Might be fun to travel there :) 

Travelling to such far place reminds me of movie Life of Pi , and if you have watched, Life of Pi, here is a wonderful webpage which gives you details on its making. This is one movie you dont want to miss watching it in 3D. 

If you are one poor soul living in Bangalore and hate those interrupting power cuts, now atleast be informed about the pathetic times ahead.Subscribe to BESCOM alerts for Sponsored Earth Hours in your locality.

 Well talking of electricity, one joke i remember is "In a power cut ,Indians first check if electricity is down for neighbours and then be relaxed if its for everyone ". Likewise, if you just want to know if a website is down for everyone , Check this 

 We will start with something new from this edition.

Quora thread of the week : This thread got me roflol .
Spoiler :Indian Context

Android app of the week : Probably the best app for learning a new language 

Cheerio.. Bye !!!

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