Sunday, June 30, 2013

Websites of the Week - Jun 30

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What an awesome weather it is in India with onset of Monsoon and Sunday Mornings at this time are filled with a semi bright Sun with a rustic rainy smell. But there are thousands of Indians who were stuck in a natural disaster and many of them are coming back home after a week of survival struggle..

First of all, a heart filled Salute to Indian Army for their daring, dashing, successful efforts in relocating 70 thousand people from the flashfloods of Uttarakhand, a northern state in India.You can follow Indian Army on Twitter and on Facebook.
Uttarakhand is a state completely dependent on tourism and this disaster will take back the state atleast 10-15 years back.The cost that require for this comeback would be mindboggling.
Please donate generously to Indian Prime Minister relief fund here and other NGOs like Goonj who are actively involved in this operation.

Coming back to technical stuff, Gmail new email interface is really useful to filter out the important emails and iam actually spending more time on email now. A tip to use it better, you can Go to the next tab with ` and go to the previous tab with ~ .

Continuing on the tips, have you ever wondered what are the two tick marks (Right symbols)  at the end of every whatsapp message . If its one mark, it means the message has been delivered to Whatsapp server and if its two , the message has been delivered to the receiver. And if you are slightly irritated by the 'Last Online' feature on whatsapp , you can always allow the messages to load without opening whatsapp and then turn off data connection and then view and respond back and close it. Then turn on the whatsapp . Last online time will not be updated :)

Do me a  favour and search for "241543903" in Google Images :)  .Noticed something ..? Yes, its one of the google easter egg and you will see all the images with people keeping their heads inside refrigerators.

Have you ever been disappointed that you are unable to print a pdf because of some restrictions on that pdf document , this website FreeMyPdf  should mostly resolve your issue.

Do you want to know what all Twitter accounts are verified. Hop on this twitter account Verified and check the twitter accounts its following ;They all are twitter verified accounts.

This is one amazing blogpost . Check out yourselves and appreciate the effort.

Android App of the Week : Plan B . Dont panic if you have lost your android phone, you can install this app even after loosing it and get to know its whereabouts  (Disclaimer: Not tested).

Quora Thread of the Week:    Fathers Day was couple of weeks back but its not never too late to appreciate parents and take their advice. Get to know some brilliant advice of fathers to various Quorans at

May your Happiness increase like Indian Petrol prices, may your sorrows fall like Indian Rupee and May your joy fill your heart like corruption in India. !!!  You can  follow me on Twitter and on Facebook 


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