Sunday, June 16, 2013

Website of the Week - June 16- Vacation special

Welcome Back !!

Some parts of the world have just completed their Summer and for some , its SUMMER time.

Well, Summer is always synonymous to Vacation and what better than to teach your parents some tech basics of computers , Google has compiled some nice videos so that elders can understand Tech and not be afraid of it.

Might be needed, that you want to upgrade your parents pc to latest operating system, and dont be worried about softwares that need to be installed after that. Ninite makes your life dead simpler with installing all the necessary applications at once and taking care of updating them automatically.

And vacation always means travel, This website FlightRadar  gives you some live tracking of flights . Seems fascinating ..Easn't it ?

And coming back from Vacation wouldnt be nice to share your experiences to audience around the world. There is this mail list called Listserve where one lucky person per day gets a lottery to share his email to around 22000 people around the world.  Try your luck and enjoy the first count experiences and ideas from people who might want to meet in future. Iam still waiting since last one year :(

Coming back from Vacation mood, wouldnt you want to share the pics or videos , and for people who are still lagging behind the internet explosion of sharing and most importantly who dont want to signup for a website , there is one hassle free website which is for file transfer . .This is probably the awesome website for file transfer.

People who follow TED talks know about Hans Rosling and his awesome way of depicting statistics. If you want to witness them on your computer , just go ahead to GapMinder  and download the world to your computer as he says.

Caring about the world, you can always go ahead to FreeRice website , brush up your vocabulary and donate some rice to the World Food Programme.

As promised last time, presenting you the one of the awesome Quora thread :
What are the best new products that people don't know about?

And an Android App of the Week .
uTorrent Remote  . Yes, as you guessed, its remotely controlling your Torrent downloads, no need to be at your home computer to put the latest Game of Thrones or Dexter on download :)


Happy Weekend !!
QOTW: "You can Do anything , if you stop trying to do everything " - Oliver Emberton.

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