Saturday, August 9, 2014

Websites of the week - India special

Welcome Back !!!

India has just completed a successful medal run at Commonwealth games and please consider helping other Indian athletes by sponsoring their olympic gold quest.

If  you have booked a wait listed train ticket , you can hop on to this website and get an insight on your chances on getting ticket confirmed .
confrmtkt  and trainman are the websites in this space now . 

Check your vehicle pending challans/offenses registered by Hyderabad traffic police here 

Track Indian Monsoon rainfall at our Met Department website 

Who knows RBI also has some fun games listed on its website. Check out yourselves here

Interested in some awesome infograms and data visualisations on Indian electons and etc , check out here 

If you are interested in Interesting Indian content on Quora , please do follow Quora Spotlight blog , curated by yours truly .