Sunday, November 30, 2014

Websites of the Week Nov 30

Did u ever feel like a having a on the go playlist for youtube videos .
So , here it is

This is one interesting website i found , a social network for drivers  . As per website, you can pass a remark on any road-user: anytime, anywhere. All you need is their number plate.

If you are an avid traveller, Govt of India has developed an website and app to create your personal itineraries

Irctc has also created a mobile app that work flawless 
Android  : IRCTC 
Windows : IRCTC
Blackberry : IRCTC

Ixigo mobile app has a PNR status tracker . App

Take a visual journey through different facets of #India -view 350+ #documentaries, also in foreign languages, at Indiandiplomacy - YouTube

They say it's pretty hard to be creative in a quiet space so here's a solution Coffitivity - Increase Your Creativity!

Quora post for the week ;
Quora Spotlight - India

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Websites of the Week - Sep 13

Hello , Welcome Back !!!

Jammu and Kashmir is reeling under heavy floods and a natural calamity which was unprecedented in last 60 days. You can generously donate here at PM relief fund and help in rescue and restoration activites. And kudos to Army for all its efforts , almost rescuing 1.5 lakh people.

India Flooding Situation Reports and needs of the affected communities can be viewed at Corporate Disaster Resource Network (CDRN): Disaster and Emergency Management India, DRR

Whenever you are in doubt in what should you read next ,  check out type in the last book you liked/read and it generates similar book recommendations!

For some light hearted moments from our Indian movies and their poetic translation Paagal Subtitle

For those daft moments when you forget the entire English language in one instant phraseup* - find the right words

 And finally for sachin and cricket fans, a blog with videos of all of Sachin's 99 centuries (barring 10)  Enjoy. Sachin's Centuries

For Apple freaks, The evolution of iMac: 1998 to 2013 ~ Apple (India) - iMac - Design

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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Websites of the week - India special

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India has just completed a successful medal run at Commonwealth games and please consider helping other Indian athletes by sponsoring their olympic gold quest.

If  you have booked a wait listed train ticket , you can hop on to this website and get an insight on your chances on getting ticket confirmed .
confrmtkt  and trainman are the websites in this space now . 

Check your vehicle pending challans/offenses registered by Hyderabad traffic police here 

Track Indian Monsoon rainfall at our Met Department website 

Who knows RBI also has some fun games listed on its website. Check out yourselves here

Interested in some awesome infograms and data visualisations on Indian electons and etc , check out here 

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Websites of the week

Welcome Back !!! Long Time !!!

India is experiencing its every 5 year political Olympics and the nation is poised to move on to the next step of democracy. And that’s why this week its India Special.

If you are Ilayaraja fan like me, this blog gives you an interesting insights into the Raja sir creations. is probably the most underrated website and this helps people to switch between Home loans accounts, Mobile numbers and electricity connections and saves tons of money for Indians J We are hard bargainers.  is one drive pooling platform specially for Mumbai and hope things like these decrease our traffic woes.

Rail Travel Tip: While travelling by train,if there is NO fan/light/security SMS on 8121281212 from a running train with train #,bogie #, nature of complaint

If you are still struggling to learn Kannada even after spending couple of years there , should be your go to site.

A catchy interactive game developed by UNICEF provides clarity on the status of sanitation across the globe.

Quora thread for this week :

Android app of the week :

How about you are paid for viewing ads  on your phone lock screen . This app does that .

And will end with this political jibe :) Abki Baar.......