Sunday, April 28, 2013

Website of the week - Astronomy special

Well, i just found a new interesting topic to be inquisitive about. There is a Quora answer which shows what we are in this vast universe (A tiny peck in an ocean)  and Robert Frost in Quora explains the intricacies of this space exploration and gives a peek inside much of what NASA is doing about. (Have deliberately not included links so that you can go and find these amazing answers and who knows you may have found the real treasure of Quora)

These are some awesome links to be in awe of whats going in out of our planet.

Do you want to see whats going in at ISS . ISS stands for International Space station . This link of NASA gives live stream of inside ISS.

Many argue that why do we spend so much money on Space programs .Well, here is the answer which may satisfy that question to a certain extent. NASA inventions as part of the space programs are being used to help many millions on Earth.

Well, to see more briefly what are the contributions of NASA to society. Here it is.

How many of you know that there is a man made object which is approximately 18 Billions kilometres from Earth and is still in contact with our planet. Its the Voyager1 and Voyager 2 which were launched in 1977 when probably the entire tech expertise is now present in our handheld smartphone . Track it here.

The next one is a website which gives an amazing space photographs every day. Astronomy Picture of the Day

Well, Iam an Indian first and rest next, here is the Indian Answer to Google Earth,GPS etc. Proudly presenting Bhuvan . Believe still in experimental phase though. By the way ISRO is recruiting heavily for this work .

And this is the most  magnificient imagery of the Mighty Sun.

Last, we will deviate and come back to Earth and zoom into India . The biggest thing right now in India is IPL. Are you like me feeling too bored  to see the same templateof  Cricinfo or Cricbuzz and see that routine commentary . Someone has created an amazing scoreboard .Check out SCORYBOARD

Bonus : Do you think you are shortcut pro and productivity hacker. This video will blow your mind definitely.

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