Sunday, October 7, 2012

Websites for the Week - Oct 7

This is the list of websites i have found interesting while i do the 'random" browsing everyday.

There is no excuse now if you wanted to learn something on the web and time has flown . This has been the inspiration for Xuan Li  , the curator for this awesome website .

All the open course ware links are brought under one roof. Learn Music, learn cooking , learn a new language and what not.And all the links are FREE and not some tutor sites .

If u miss having a HD tv at home with an music channel on it. This website substitutes you for this . Wonderful songs with an HD format and can play randomly . Yea, you can do this on youtube as well with some effort by yourself . But if someone takes care of curation of content, are we not happy a little bit more :)

Well, the perfect address for  edutainment, inspiration and most awesome talks is the TED. gives the best TED talks , rather the most watched TED talks of all time. I completed this bucket list and you should also give it a try.

Ever wonder, how awesome your office can be . is the link you should be browsing . Well, i am not responsible if your management doesnt agree to the changes you suggest to office landscape after seeing this link .:)

This one is for techies and the guys who want to START. gives a list of things you need to take care when your website is being started.

And this one is for Indian history, political buffs like me . illustrates brilliantly about the notions we have about Jammu and Kashmir .

PS: Hoping to run such series every sunday :) 

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