Sunday, October 14, 2012

WesBites for the Week - Oct 14

Continuing the series :)

There is a saying in internet world "If you are not paying for the product, YOU are the product" .
And this link gives you details of some free websites we use regularly and how they are monetized and how are they surviving. Interesting business models like freemium, Selling data etc.

And let me introduce  the best search engine i have come across . is even better than google. It doesnt show results based on user preferences and uses crowd sourced sources like wikipedia for better results.

Ever wonder what are the best radio resources on web for listening music. Yea, leave Pandora , spotify etc which doesnt work in India . is one which is awesome when it comes with some super radio streams . Tune it in.!!

Many say that the ambience of the work desk is most important for one to be productive. Would it not be awesome to have the with rain as background song while you are focussing on something. :) Try it .. Its awesome...

Iam sure everyones bucket list contains a "World Tour" . If not , you should :) . Well, it might not be possible to see the whole world even if u can . Google simplifies this  and brings
Start touring !!

Thanks to the social networking and instagram-ish sites, everyone is a photographer now ..  No offence to the those guys .. but you should look at this and improve your skills . It will help you simulate the various feature available in the DSLRs.

And, last but not least, some mind crunching reading.. Iam not sure how to explain 'Taxes" in better way. Also, tells you whats wrong with our world.

Cheerio.. Have an  Awesome week !!

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