Sunday, February 26, 2012

IFTTT– IF This Then That

One of the most awesome things i came across the internet is IFTTT. 

Put the internet to work for you. Seriously, automate everything what you do on internet.


For example, If u want to send out a tweet whenever u upload a video on youtube , that can be done.

Do you want to add ur favourite tweets which contain links  to the instapaper to read later , that can be done.

If you want an SMS to be sent whenever some stock raises , that can be done.

If you want all your instagram pics to be saved into dropbox, that can be done.

The total permutations and combinations one can do with all the services listed here is huge.

One such example is



The thing in background is pretty simple, take api of one service and poll it for every interval and if found, trigger another service.

Such an awesome idea you see. Add to that the awesomest interface to work on.


PS- Iam still exploring all these things.

Right now , iam using this for whenever i favourite a tweet with a link, it adds to up to my instapaper read later list.

whenever i add  a favorite to my readability list, it gets bookmarked to delicious.

Whenever i star an item in Google Reader, a tweet is sent.

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