Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Enable Download link in Youtube in Chrome

The chrome plugin FastestTube – YouTube Video Downloader is by far the best chrome plugin i have encountered.
It Enables the Download button while browsing Youtube in Chrome browser.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Website of the Day- Rapportive

Are you a Firefox or Chrome user ?
Do you use gmail ?
Are you on facebook or twitter or Linkedin ?
If u have not installed the rapportive plugin in your chrome or in your Firefox, you are missing so much.

Its a plugin which replaces the Gmail Ads and provides the social info of the mail sender by matching the Email id. Its actually pretty helpful if you are a part of groups and receive mails as part of groups,to know who exactly is replying and posting.
Also, you can find your friends social networks accounts and add them to your pals list.

The link is

Website of the Day - 30/11/10.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Young Me - Now me ..

Website of the Day - 27/11/10.

While wandering on this world wild web ,we come across some very interesting websites.This series would be a collection of all such webpages.

I am very fond of TED talks. (Who are not ?). When my mood is not good , the things i would like to do are watch a TED talk or a cute baby video. Not that i compare these two, but any of these videos feels so good after watching them.

So, today i was watching this TED talk of Ze Frank and was very much fascinated by this pet projects. One such thing was Young Me - Now me. It is a comparison of photographs with one in childhood and exact same pose and location after growing up.

The website link is

PS: i will contribute to this very soon :D

Here is the TED talk