Friday, January 2, 2009

Send Free SMS to INDIA..

There are lot of sites where we can send free sms to any mobile phone in INDIA, but many of them are not capable of doing it perfectly. Many sites go down when we require to send a free sms.These are some of the sites I found trust worthy.

The site which was my favorite was .It has many features like scheduling the sms when to send and increase ur free sms credits to send just by making others join this site.These credits are used to send free sms. But this site was down on this eve of new year .

The other one is .This one is maintained by IndiaTimes group. So, probability of site going down in very less.But it does not offer much free sms and has a limit of 80 characters to send the sms.You can schedule ur sms to be sent.It is also a good one.

The other sites which are good enough are , , , , . All these sites are best to send free sms instantly.