Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Digital Snippets - tips, tricks and tantras !! -1

Hi Guys, Welcome to my tech domain!! Happy reading :)

1) Logon to

Logon to

Logon to

Logon to

Logon to

Logon to

Logon to

Logon to

Logon to

Surprised!!! Every web link you opened in your browser redirects itself to the gr8 Google bought all these Google-similar-typo-prone domain names to help the googlers with a better googling experience. Even if u type instead of in a hurry and “r” gets typed coz its near to “e” in the QWERTY keyboard, U are redirected to the correct site. Hats off to Google!! None have implemented ever something like this before.

2) Are u ever tired of holding two hands and having a two step procedure for get the task manager work , if something not working right in your system. There is another keyboard shortcut for windows task manager which can be accessed with one hand..


3) Many know that Ctrl+enter gives the .com extension while typing so that u r not required to type .com and www for every site you access. But there are other shortcuts to access the .net and .org sites.

“Shift+enter “gives you the .net extension and “Ctrl+Shift+enter” gives you the .org extension.

4) There is a cricket match going on and you want to know the score asap.The normal thing you do [ on web] is go to or and then go to the match page to get the score .Nowadays cricinfo is taking a lot of time to load and cricbuzz is slow in scores. But there are two best ways to get the scores asap.

i) Go to and type cricket in the search field. You will get the live score report of the currently playing matches in the world along with the links of cricinfo ,cricbuzz and willow websites.

ii) direct link to live scores is always

5) Now its time to switch to other sports. Soccer and Tennis. gives you the scores of any running match in the world.

6) Ever thought to logout gtalk because you have some work and not want to be dicturbed by your friends. Or you want to be in idle even if you are working on your workstation. There is a software known as galwaysidle which allows you to set the idle status of gtalk as you wish.

7) Many know the story of “bush hid the facts”. Open notepad , type “bush hid the facts” and save it. Open it again and see what is being saved and displayed..

The other phrases which belong to this category are:

“ bill fed the goats” , “This app wud crash”, “Matrix can not lie” and “Osamabin laden leading all terrorist”. Seems to be funny but its real!! Check out for urself. Make sure you create a new notepad file every time. This is only applicable to XP , rectified in vista.

PS: all these are observations of me at some point of time . :P