Saturday, February 23, 2013

How to Migrate between two smart phones

Migrating between phones is really a pain .
Data can be migrated easily by just changing the SD card given that all the data is stored in SD card and not in phone memory.
However, two things which are not so easy are SMS messages and Contacts.

1) Contacts.
Contacts can be exported to a .csv file from old phone and that file can be imported in the new phone.
(Contacts Options >> Import/export )

2) SMS messages
Install SMS backup restore app on both the phones and export the xml file from old phone and import to new phone :)  In case import is not working, one can open the xml file with this app.
Similar apps is available for all the platforms.Since this app works with any xml file, it allows interoperability.

3) For important docs, and other things, use cloud services like Box,Dropbox,Google Drive,Skydrive etc and backup your docs.

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