Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Websites of the Year - 2012

Its the new year , new aspirations , new resolutions, new insights and new hopes.leaving all the bad and cherishing all the good  Internet plays a major role in our daily life. And this is my tribute to the Best of Internet for me in the year 2012. Hope you like this as well:)

1) Quora

If browsing something has inspired me, made me addicted , made me Q(C)urious and Qu(V)oracious , its Quora.
The most wonderful discovery i made on this internet space this year.Hop on and thank me later.The real knowledge Hub of the internet . Question Jimmy Wales,Checkout answers of Ashton Kutcher, Stephen Fry and follow the most intelligent people on this planet.And get credits :)

2) Paytm

If there is a option to recharge your Indian cellular phone with maximum benefit and miniumum effort, its this . They even launched bus tickets with a bang offer of flat 50% discount on Dec 12, the online shopping festival day. You can even store your credit card and can complete recharge in a whiff. Did i tell you there android app is awesome.

3) Pocket

I am a big time procrastinator and a voracious internet reader. So what can be my biggest internet tool than a facility to read all those internet stuff later when i have time. Initially i was a fan of Instapaper, but after the Samsung Tab added to my digital ecosystem , I had to shift to Pocket as Instapaper App was a paid one.And this is one shift i regret not doing earlier.
Pocket has one of the awesomest user interfaces i have seen. Love the way it displays those Arrays of my to-read list.


Havent made much progress in my 2012 new year resolution of learning a foreign language, but is one of the best website if you also have a similar bucket list.

And why should we not end the list with an awesome blog which has some excellent stories to tell in more excellent way. These blogposts blew my mind .if you are interesting in  history and current affairs of India, visit this .

- Vams.

PS- Happy New year 2013.

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