Friday, November 25, 2011

Alternatives to Snaptu Twitter client

Snaptu is by far the best mobile app for low end mobile phones. I have a s40 nokia 5130 express music mobile.

Its my favourite timepass while in long journeys, the best twitter app i have seen, which also supports multiple accounts and such more awesome things.


Recently, Facebook has acquired Snaptu Sad smile .

The snaptu facebook mobile app is now replacing or becoming the facebook app. And they have decided to not support whole lot of apps present in snapstore. Twitter was one of them and was removed starting 11/11/11.


So, Now currently searching for alternatives to snaptu.(or a awesome twitter client for s40) .

Looked at some of the alternatives like Gravity,socially Tweets60 etc. But nothing works on s40.

Dabr seems to be a better alternative for  its mobile browser version. Twitter mobile browsing version is also good.


BUT, nothing is comparable to the awesomeness of SNAPTU twitter client.

If you can find something, pls let me know. Smile

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