Saturday, April 30, 2011

Make Browsing Simpler

Browsing has become too complex with the advent of social media like Twitter and Facebook.

We got lot of links to watch videos , recommendations for articles shared by friends and fellow tweeple.But how to cope with all these. This is what i have been trying to do and hope it helps for all.

Three main bookmarklets to be added to your browser are Google bookmarks,Instapaper and radbox.

Google Bookmarks - Adding a new bookmark when you come across an interesting website is as easy as adding a bookmark in you browser.So far, the best bookmarking tool for me is google bookmarks.

Instapaper (Read Later bookmarklet) - This can be mainly used for articles which you find interesting and want to read later in the day.The bookmarked can be easily found at

Radbox - This is the best for viewing the youtube videos at a later time. Whenever, you are playing a outube video file , one can bookmark that video like the above and watch them later.One can actually save it in watch later playlist, the youtube provided one. However with radbox, the videos can be viewed rom radbox website itself and can eliminate the clutter of youtube comments and recommended/related videos thereby saving the valuable previous time.

Hope these are helpful.:)

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