Monday, November 29, 2010

Young Me - Now me ..

Website of the Day - 27/11/10.

While wandering on this world wild web ,we come across some very interesting websites.This series would be a collection of all such webpages.

I am very fond of TED talks. (Who are not ?). When my mood is not good , the things i would like to do are watch a TED talk or a cute baby video. Not that i compare these two, but any of these videos feels so good after watching them.

So, today i was watching this TED talk of Ze Frank and was very much fascinated by this pet projects. One such thing was Young Me - Now me. It is a comparison of photographs with one in childhood and exact same pose and location after growing up.

The website link is

PS: i will contribute to this very soon :D

Here is the TED talk

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